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Family Movie Night Journal
Family Movie Night Journal

Hi! I’m Jennifer

Mom of three and family movie connoisseur 

My oldest daughter and co-creator is Jayda. When she was three, about once a week I let her stay up late and climb into my bed while I did her hair. I’d make popcorn and pop in a Disney DVD. (This was way before Disney+, but I am still serious about my movie collection). This is a big reason she can now speak in movie quotes, and why she wound up being the co-dreamer and creator of the Family Movie Night Journal.

Movie nights are a big deal in our house. Like, a HUGE deal. Every week we laugh, enjoy and rate a different movie. We wanted to make something that could easily bring, or strengthen, this tradition in your homes, so we created the Family Movie Night Journal.

We worked on this project for almost a year, but in actuality, it feels like it’s been a project in the making since she was a toddler watching movies in my bed.

In this fast paced world full of distractions, we believe now more than ever is the time to find ways to make traditions and have fun with our families. Even if that is through something as simple as Family Movie Night. We created this journal to help you plan your movie nights, record the memories you want to remember, and connect with the ones you love most.


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The Family Movie Night Journal

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Family Movie Night Journal