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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it just for families or can I use this with my partner/friends?

We believe families come in all shapes and sizes and can look completely different from one house to the next. Whoever is family to YOU, the people you like to watch movies and make memories with is exactly who should share this journal with you.

Is it Disney specific?

No. Though there are plenty of Disney movies suggested as options in the hundreds of movie night ideas, the categories are more genre specific like sci-fi, adventure, musical, etc.

What age is this good for?

As far as movie ideas and activities, there's something for everyone! The movie ideas have an MPAA rating range from G to PG-13 for more universal appeal.

But I’m not really into journaling. Will I like this?

This isn’t your grandmother’s diary. The Family Movie Night Journal is not only a great tool for opening up family conversation, but it brings a new life to family movie night! With 166 pages of fun & discussion wrapped up in a hardback keepsake book, Family Movie Night Journal is as essential as popcorn.

How many weeks of journaling are included?

There are 52 weeks of ratings and review pages, and many many more pages to help with setting rules, and choosing movies so you don’t get stuck running out of ideas or watching the same thing over and over.

Will you offer international shipping?

Yes! We are now offering international flat-rate shipping to select countries. Please DM us if you have any questions.

The Family Movie Night Journal

Perfect for any age and for families of all sizes!


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