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Why National Movie Night Should be Your New Family Tradition

Why National Movie Night Should be your New Family Tradition

Written By Jennifer Borget

I'm a former journalist, and lifelong creator striving to make the world a better place. This is the space where I share my journey in making the most of every day by cherishing our individuality and celebrating our differences.

December 28, 2021

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Curious why National Movie Night should be a family tradition? Learn more here! 

I believe intentional family time helps bring and keep families together. In the Borget house, we’ve held a Family Movie Night tradition for years. Every week, we sit down as a family to watch, rate, and review a movie. It’s the one night a week that we can all switch off from the madness of the world and spend some quality, undistracted time together. 

The BIG Issue with Family Movie Nights

The hectic nature of everyday life for some families can make setting aside time for a weekly movie tradition difficult. For other families, it may not be finding the time that’s challenging but finding a suitable movie. When you have kids of various ages, choosing a film that is both appropriate and entertaining for everyone isn’t an easy task. Voting wastes time, and too many conflicting opinions can lead to arguments ruining your special night before it’s even begun! (We’ve all been there!)

How We Solved the BIG Issue with Family Movie Nights

So how do you make sure that your newfound movie night tradition runs smoothly and become not only enjoyable, but memorable? My eldest daughter Jayda and I had this thought a while ago, and after many brainstorming sessions, a bunch of sketches, and ideas, we came up with the Movie Night Journal. The Movie Night Journal is a super fun and interactive tool bringing families together. It helps you keep track of the many movies you watch and includes some fun family activities to liven up your night. Inside there are ideas for getting your movie night tradition started and ways to spice it up with some guidelines, recipes, and of course, lots and lots of movie ideas!

Level Up Your Family Tradition to Include National Movie Night

Who doesn’t like an excuse to throw a party? National Movie Night is a great way to kick off a new movie night tradition, or take your celebrations to the next level. It’s a brand new national holiday founded by yours truly and held the second Friday in June! It is is one night of the year dedicated to celebrating the joy of movies with your nearest and dearest!

It’s not just about watching a movie together and going to bed. It’s coming together to plan a special night, inviting your friends and making memories. There’s nothing as simple yet enjoyable as laughing, crying, singing along or hiding under the covers through a movie together. Which is why I wanted to share this with you. Whether you’re looking for ways to start a family movie night or if you’re a seasoned pro at this point, we have TONS of checklists and movie night ideas for you to try out.

Click here to grab your free 52 Family Movie Night – Movie Ideas.

Do you have any family traditions of your own? Let me know in the comments!

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