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National Movie Night

Lights, Camera, Action!

National Movie Night is the second Friday in June and the perfect night to take your love of movies and create something truly amazing with it by inviting all of your friends and family over, throwing a themed party, and having a huge screening of your favorite film. 

Sharing movies with our kids has been one of my greatest joys. Movies give us a sense of belonging and connect us not only to the characters whose lives we are watching unfold but to those who enjoy this magical experience with us.

We love movies more than Olaf loves warm hugs!

We are a family of movie fanatics every day of the year, but when my newly established National Movie Night holiday comes around, we pull out all the stops.

jennifer borget with oprah winfrey

How to Celebrate National Movie Night in Style

1. Sort Your Set-Up

Keep it cozy by staying indoors or be adventurous and take it outdoors with a blow-up screen or projector. Going all out? Why not rent a theater or book yourself into a drive-in screening? Just don’t forget the snacks!

2. Send Out Your Invites

Once you’ve chosen your venue, make sure your guests know where they are going by sending out invites!

3. Choose The Movie

Not sure what to watch? Check out one of my many free movie checklists listed below to find one that’s just right!

4. Don’t Forget The Snacks!

Gather all of your favorite movie night nibbles and settle in for a night of pure magic!

Wherever you choose to celebrate, there’s one item you just can’t be without - my Movie Night Journal.

This keepsake journal features a how-to guide for planning the perfect movie night, space for detailed lists of dozens of movie genres, hundreds of movie ideas, and fun activity sheets. Each movie night can be enjoyed by filling in the pages to keep track of what you watch and when, who liked it and who didn’t, and the most memorable parts – either the actual movie scenes or memories that were made as you watched! It’s one of my favorite movie night extras.

Family Movie Night Journal

Where to Get Started

Not sure where to get started on picking the perfect movie (or movies!) for National Movie Night? Check out some of my top resources for the perfect family movie

The Ultimate National Movie Night Checklist

Celebrate National Movie Night in style! Make this National Movie Night one to remember with this must-have checklist filled with everything you need!

National Movie Night Checklist

Curious about the story behind the National Movie Night?

Wondering how best to celebrate it? Check out the blog where you’ll find TONS of information & inspiration!

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Why National Movie Night Should be Your New Family Tradition

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