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The Best Snacks for Family Movie Night


Written By Jennifer Borget

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February 6, 2023

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Family Movie Nights are not complete without the perfect snacks! We’ve gathered our favorite suggestions and added them below!

Snacks are an essential part of our Family Movie Night. And whether your family prefers savory or sweet snacks, this list has got you covered! It’s completely up to you if you want to go store-bought or if you want to turn snack-prepping into a bonus movie night activity. 

Here are the Top 8 Family Movie Night Snacks:


A classic that couldn’t NOT be on this list! I prefer warm, fresh popcorn, so I like to pop a batch of kernels as a family movie night snack, but there are some fantastic ready-to-go popcorn flavors out there too. Some ideas: 

  1. Salted. Get yourself some salty popcorn from the store or pop your kernels in a pan and finish off with a dusting of sea salt. This super simple recipe from Kitchen Stories makes popping your own so easy!
The Best Snacks for Family Movie Night- Popcorn
Kitchen Stories
  1. Sweet. Grab a bag of sweet popcorn from the supermarket or use something like sugar, agave or golden syrup to sweeten up your home-popped popcorn. I love using this recipe from Charlotte’s Lively Kitchen
  1. Sweet & Salty. Combine the two like in this delicious recipe from Sweetest Menu
  1. Or go with some fun options like taco seasoning, cinnamon sugar, or chocolate! 


Grab your favorite chips flavors in stores and get snacking during movie night! If we’re feeling crazy, we’ll sometimes throw multiple chips flavors in a bowl, that way you never know what you’re going to get in your next bite! Or make some delicious dips to go with your chips, like this dill dip from Taste of Home

A bowl of chips dip set on a table surrounded by cherry tomatoes and chips.
Taste of Home

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also bake your own chips. Just slice some potatoes, season them with your fav flavoring and bake them crispy golden in the oven. Or use this recipe from Taste of Home to fry up a batch of chips (and then combine it with the dill dip mentioned above, my mouth is watering already!)


If you prefer the sweeter stuff, cookies might be your jam instead! And what better way to spend a Saturday afternoon with the kids than baking cookies for family movie night? You can never go wrong with chocolate chip cookies, and this recipe by Joy Food Sunshine sounds like a real treat. If baking isn’t your thing or you’re short on time, just grab your favorite cookies from the shops instead.

The Best Snacks for Family Movie Night - Cookies
Joy Food Sunshine


If you’re not really into cookies or you just want some more sweet family movie night snack options, then candy bars, gummies or other family favorite candies are a great sweet bite. Have your family make a list of their favorite candy and either get a little of everything or rotate which candy you get every family movie night. That way, everybody gets a say at some point.

Mini Pizzas

If your movie night is closer to dinner time or you just want something a little more filling, then mini pizzas are really fun to make together. And because they’re mini, you can mix and match toppings, meaning you have a ton of different options to snack on. 

This Mini Pizza recipe by My Mini Chefs is kid-friendly and easy to make! 

A stack of delicious-looking mini pizzas- One of the best movie snack ideas for family movie night.
My Mini Chefs


A little spin on just plain chips, nachos are a perfect warm family movie night snack. You can put all the fillings in here your family loves, like ground beef, shredded chicken, tomatoes, beans, corn, jalapeños, or all of the above! Finish off with dips like queso or guacamole and you have an amazing filling snack on your hands! This recipe by Love From The Oven gives you lots of suggestions for the perfect nacho snack! 

Loaded nachos covered in cheese, sour cream, guacamole and more - one of the best movie snacks ideas.


Okay, but hear me out! Fruit can be a great movie night snack, because it’s healthy AND sweet, and a vegan movie night snack if that’s your thing. Make a fun fruit platter of your family’s favorite fruit and bring it out BEFORE the snacks mentioned above, and your family might beg for another fruit snack option next movie night! 

Ice Cream

Who doesn’t love good ice cream?! My family and I made Onward-themed ice cream cones one family movie night, and it was a super fun process. You can find our recipe here! It was really fun to come up with the idea, so why not sit your kids down and brainstorm some movie-inspired ice cream snacks together?

A blue scoop of ice cream topped with marshmallows shaped as ears to look like an elf from Disney Pixar's Onward. One of the best movie snack ideas for a family movie night.
Cherish 365

Get creative! 

This list shows some favorites in our house, but is by no means an exhaustive list of your options. Get your family together and ask them what snacks they would like to see, and get them involved in getting or preparing them. My kids loved making those Onward-inspired ice cream cones, so ask for their input and dive into the kitchen for some creative options! And if you’re not a chef or you just don’t have the time, just grab some delicious snacks from the shops and put together your own little family movie night snack spread! 

If you want some more family movie night snack suggestions, the Family Movie Night Journal has a ton more suggestions to get your creative juices flowing and your mouth watering! Get yours here!

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