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6 Family Movie Night Food Ideas


Written By Jennifer Borget

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April 24, 2023

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Looking for delicious dinner ideas for your next Family Movie Night? We’ve got you!

What is better than curling up on the couch with the family with a good movie on? Doing just that but with a good plate of food! Instead of having a bunch of snacks, why not put together a delicious dinner for your next Family Movie Night? Get the whole family involved while making one of these delicious recipes or grab your favorite takeaway version to add a bit of extra flavor to your movie night. 

Let’s take a look at some of my favorite and wishlist Family Movie Night food ideas! 


Nachos can be a snack or dinner, depending on what works best for you that night! For dinner, just add some extra toppings to make the meal more filling. This nacho recipe by Simply Recipes is the perfect base for your Family Movie Night food and includes tips on how to avoid soggy nachos (so important!). Just add your favorite toppings and start feasting! 

An appetizing plate of nachos covered in cheese, olives and more as a family movie night food idea.


Prefer tacos? I’ve got you! Tacos have everything you need to make a delicious dinner, so they are a great Family Movie Night food idea! If you prefer your tacos with meat, go ahead and try this quick and easy ground beef taco recipe by The Wholesome Dish. If you have vegetarian family members or want to add a veggie option to the mix, these portobello mushroom tacos by Love & Lemons sound like a dream! 

Home-made pizza

A delicious, easy and fun way to make your own Family Movie Night food is by making your own pizza! And as a bonus, adding the pizza toppings is a fun activity with kids, because they can put exactly what they want on their pizza. No more discussions about what pizza to order, just make your own! 

A homemade pizza covered in cheese and lettuce and tomato sauce. A delicious idea for family movie night food.

Some of our favs are this classic margherita by BBC Good Food and this taco pizza by A Couple Cooks. And I’ve just put this mac and cheese pizza by Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom on my list, because that sounds like a combo my kids will LOVE! 

And don’t worry if you don’t want to make homemade dough, just grab pizza dough from the supermarket to make things easier! 

If you’re looking for a vegetable filled alternative to pizza’s, then there are lots of options to swap out the pizza dough for a vegetable alternative. This recipe for pizza zucchini boats by Delish sounds like a delicious option to do just that! 


Burgers are always a good idea! You can customize them as you please, and even have a little burger building party to kick off your Family Movie Night. These cheddar-stuffed burgers with pickled slaw and fried shallots from Food&Wine sound like a delicious option if you’re making the patty’s yourself! Or, go for a classic like this bacon cheeseburger recipe from The Pioneer Woman. There are so many delicious burger options, so go crazy with your toppings! 

Three burgers placed atop a tablecloth. A yummy idea for family movie night dinner.

Chicken wings

If you’re okay getting a bit messy, then chicken wings are a delicious Family Movie Night food idea! If you like them crunchy, then go for this crispy baked chicken wings recipe from Yellow Bliss Road or this crispy baked Buffalo chicken wings recipe from Add a Pinch. Or, if you prefer them more tender, this honey garlic chicken wings recipe from Hooked on Heat sounds delicious too. So many options to try! Pair with vegetable sticks and potatoes from the oven, rice or another side of your choosing, and you have a meal! 

Sushi Bowl

If you are looking for a healthier option for Family Movie Night, then a sushi bowl might be a great option for you! Consisting of rice, toppings and sushi sauce, these bowls are delicious and pretty mess free! This sushi bowl recipe by Also The Crumbs Please sounds like a dream! 

A bowl o unwrapped sushi set atop a stone table with a large green leaf underneath. A healthy family movie night food idea.

Or order in! 

Preparing dinner together is a great way to bond with the family in preparation of Family Movie Night. But if you’re no kitchen princess or simply don’t have the time to whip up dinner, all of these Family Movie Night food ideas are also great options for takeaway! I’m sure your family has a favorite restaurant that serves up a great version of one of the above, or try out a new place! 

Now that you have a ton of Family Movie Night dinner ideas, it’s time to pick your next movie! If you’re struggling to do so, make sure you check out the Movie Night Journal for all the movie suggestions you’re ever looking for!

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