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30 Funny Family Movie Night Ideas


Written By Jennifer Borget

I'm a former journalist, and lifelong creator striving to make the world a better place. This is the space where I share my journey in making the most of every day by cherishing our individuality and celebrating our differences.

June 15, 2024

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Want a family movie night full of laughs? Check out these funny family movie night ideas! 

Some movie nights you want something serious or gripping, and other movie nights you just want to laugh. There is nothing better than having the whole family having fun, and you’ll be making inside jokes about that movie you just watched for the next week! 

So let’s take a look at these 30 funny family movie night ideas to get your family laughing. And print out our free checklist at the end!

Funny family movie night ideas

1. A Shaun the Sheep: Farmageddon

Shaun the Sheep befriends the mysterious alien that crashed near Mossy Bottom Farm and helps him find its way home. Meanwhile, a dangerous organization is looking for the alien, so it’s a whole adventure! 

30 Funny Family Movie Night Ideas - A Shaun the Sheep: Farmageddon

2. Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day

Alexander continues to have bad day after bad day, but his family brushes off his misfortune every time. On the night of his 12th birthday, he wishes that his family would have a bad day too so they can sympathize. The universe delivers, and chaos ensues!  

3. Ant-Man

The hilarious origin story of Ant-Man, one of the Avengers. With the power of shrinking in size but increasing in strength, Scott Lang must go on a quest to protect the secret of his suit and pull off a heist to save the world. If you love Marvel, this is a great watch! 

4. Elf

Follow Buddy the Elf, a human raised by elves on the North Pole, as he finds his biological father in New York City and spreads some much needed Christmas cheer. A must during the Christmas season! 

30 Funny Family Movie Night Ideas - Elf

5. Finding Dory

The loveable Dory remembers that she has parents, but where are they? Nemo and Marlin join Dory on an epic adventure to find out just that, but with Dory’s forgetful nature, things don’t always go as planned. 

6. Freaky Friday

A classic to watch with your daughters, Freaky Friday follows an overworked mother and her teenage daughter and their troubled relationship. When they switch bodies, both are forced to walk in each other’s shoes for the day. 

7. Home Alone

When his family forgets the 8-year-old Kevin at home when they go on vacation, no one could have predicted what happened next. Two burglars try to rob the family home on Christmas Eve, Kevin decides to booby-trap the house and stop the robbery in a hilarious way. This is another Christmas classic to watch in December!

8. Jinxed

Meet the Murphys, a family that has had never ending bad luck after a witch put a curse on their great-great grandfather. Meg is tired of her family’s misfortune and is determined to break the hex on her family. Will she succeed?

30 Funny Family Movie Night Ideas -  Jinxed

9. Little Giants

A girl gets rejected from the town’s peewee football team, and decides to set up a football team of misfits and rejects with her father. The kids have no experience or spirit, but take on the town’s official team in a game to determine who can represent the town moving forward. 

10. Madagascar

A group of zoo animals end up in the jungles of Madagascar. Without any experience of living in the wild, they need to adapt to their new life and surroundings. Madagascar is always a sure way to get the whole family laughing 

There are so many funny family movie night ideas to choose from! Have you already seen a movie you’re adding to your movie night list? Don’t stop reading just yet, I’ve got a few more for you! 

11. Monsters, Inc.

Mike and Sully work at Monsters, Inc., a power company that generates power through the screams of children. When they make a huge mistake, they must find a fix with the help of a terrifying little child. 

12. Minions: Rise of Gru

Ever wondered how Gru became the supervillain that he was in Despicable Me? You don’t have to any longer! Minions: Rise of Gru follows Gru on his way to becoming a supervillain AND explains how he got his army of Minions! 

30 Funny Family Movie Night Ideas -  Minions: Rise of Gru

13. Mitchells vs Machines

The Mitchell family goes on a road trip to take their daughter to her new school, and unexpectedly end up in the middle of a robot apocalypse. It’s up to them and two friendly robots to save humanity!  

14. Nacho Libre

A monk, living a simple life of feeding orphans every day, decides to compete as a Luchador wrestler (or Mexican wrestler) to win the affection of a sister that recently arrived at the monastery. Follow his hilarious journey and see if he succeeds! 

15. Napoleon Dynamite

Napoleon Dynamite is an outsider at his school. Then he befriends the new kid that just arrived (he has a bike and a mustache!) and helps him run for class president. 

16. Penguins of Madagascar

We all know that these 4 penguins are always up to something, and it usually involves saving the world! Follow along as Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private join forces with an undercover organization to stop a villain from destroying everything as we know it. 

17. Ralph Breaks the Internet

The arcade gets internet! Ralph and Vanellope, now fast friends after their adventures in Wreck-it Ralph, decide to check it out and end up in the crazy world of the internet. But of course, Ralph can’t help breaking something! 

18. RV

Bob Munro is promises his family vacation and his boss that he’ll attend a business meeting. At the same time. He rents an RV and takes his unknowing family on a roadtrip where lots goes wrong.  

19. School of Rock

After his rock band kicks him out, Dewey Finn needs to find a job. His roommate gets him a substitute teacher gig at a private elementary school, where he realizes his students are talented young musicians. He forms a rock band with them and enters a competition to win the big prize. 

20. Shaggy Dog

Deputy District Attorney Dave Douglas hates dogs. After he gets bitten by a 300-year old Tibetan sheepdog, he starts to get some canine urges. Until he turns into a sheepdog himself. 

21. Shrek

Shrek, a green ogre, lives peacefully in the swamp until his home is overrun by exiled fairytale creatures. He sets out to persuade Lord Farquaad to stop exiling creatures to his swamp, and gets sent on a mission to rescue a princess in return. Things do not go as planned. 

22. Storks

Instead of delivering babies, storks now deliver packages. But when an unauthorized baby gets created, the top delivery stork must fix the mistake and deliver the baby to a family that will take care of it. 

23. The Bench Warmers

Three friends that were never picked during sports decide to form a baseball team and defeat a team of bullies. They end up playing in the Little League against children’s teams and become a sensation for all those outcasts that were never picked for sports. 

24. The Croods

Join the Croods, a family of cavemen, as they trek through the harsh prehistoric wilderness to look for a new home after their cave is destroyed. 

25. The Kid

Wealthy image consultant Russ Duritz seemingly has it all, but is miserable inside. When he finds an 8-year-old intruder in his home, something seems familiar. They take a dive into Russ’ past to learn more about who Russ really is. 

26. The Princess Bride

A grandfather reads “The Princess Bride” to his bedridden grandson. The story is about a farm girl who is chosen to be the princess bride, but she does not want to marry the prince. When she gets kidnapped, a true adventure unfolds. Will the grandson enjoy the story?

27. The Sandlot

The neighborhood baseball guru takes the new kid under how wing and teaches him all about baseball. Many wonderful and hilarious adventures follow. 

28. Toy Story

When Andy gets a new toy for his birthday, his original favorite toy Woody gets jealous. Woody tries to get rid of the new toy, but they both end up getting lost. Will they make it back before Andy and his family move away?

29. Vivo

Vivo, a kinkajou, and his owner Andrés play music in the town square every day. When Andrés receives a letter from a long lost love, Vivo must do everything to deliver a reply. 

30. Zootopia

In this Disney animated film, a bunny named Judy Hopps is determined to become the first rabbit to join the police force. She encounters a mysterious case and is determined to solve it so she can prove her worth to the city. 

If these funny family movie night ideas don’t get your family rolling on the floor laughing, I don’t know what will. Either rewatch a classic from your youth and share that with your kids, or pick a newer option and discover a brand new hilarious adventure together You can’t go wrong with these funny family movie night ideas!


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