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24 Family Movie Night Ideas for Women’s History Month


Written By Jennifer Borget

I'm a former journalist, and lifelong creator striving to make the world a better place. This is the space where I share my journey in making the most of every day by cherishing our individuality and celebrating our differences.

March 30, 2023

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Looking for the right movie suggestions for Women’s History Month? I’ve got a list for you right here! 

Women’s History Month is always a great time to explore new movies, and every year I try to show my kids a few movies with important historical women or strong female leads during our March family movie nights. Over the years I’ve collected quite the list of amazing movies that every family should watch together. Just remember that you can watch these anytime, not just during Women’s History Month!

Let’s check them out the best Women’s History Month movies!

1. A Ballerina’s Tale

This documentary tells the story of Misty Copeland, an African American ballerina. It follows her rise to become one of the first African American female soloists, a potentially career-ending injury, and themes of body image and race in the world of ballet. 

Women’s History Month - A Ballerina’s Tale

2. A League of Their Own

During World War II, the owners of baseball teams in the professional baseball league scouted the country for women to fill their teams while men were away fighting. When two sisters from Oregon get scouted but end up with a team manager who doesn’t take their team seriously, one of the sisters takes matters into her own hands. 

3. Belle

Belle tells the story of Dido Elizabeth Belle, the illegitimate, biracial daughter of a Royal Navy Captain born in 18th-century England. She is raised by the Earl of Mansfield, her great uncle, and is awarded certain privileges because of this, but is held back by the color of her skin. Her story is instrumental in the ending of slavery in England.

Women’s History Month - Belle

4. Brave

Princess Merida refuses to marry as is expected of her, and with her defiance unleashes an unexpected curse. She must do everything in her power to set things right. 

5. Cleopatra

The legendary Queen Cleopatra of Egypt is looking to expand her power and has her eyes set on Rome. She receives Julius Caesar, the emperor of Rome, and has an affair with him and bears his son. But things do not go according to plan. 

Women’s History Month - Cleopatra
CLEOPATRA, an epic four-hour miniseries starring Timothy Dalton (right) as Julius Caesar, Billy Zane as Marc Antony, and newcomer Leonor Varela as Cleopatra, Queen

6. Encanto 

All the Madrigal family members got a special magical power from their magical house, except for Mirabel. But it turns out that she is destined for something even greater and is the only hope to save the family magic when tragedy strikes. 

7. Harriet

Harriet is based on the life of Harriet Tubman, an inspirational freedom fighter who escaped from slavery. Her actions freed hundreds of slaves and changed American history. 

Women’s History Month - Harriet

8. Hidden Figures

During the space race, the US was determined to get a man into space before Russia would be able to. Hidden Figures follows 3 women out of a group of female mathematicians also known as ‘human computers’ as they climbed the ranks at NASA and were instrumental in safely getting the first astronaut into space and back to earth. 

9. Homecoming

This Netflix documentary follows Beyonce as she prepares for her performance at Coachella in 2018. Written, directed and executive produced by Beyonce herself, this is an interesting look in how the performance grew from a concept to a movement. 

10. Julie and Julia

An American girl takes cooking classes in France and ends up publishing a cookbook about French cuisine. An aspiring blogger decides to cook all the recipes from this cookbook and blogs about it. 

11. Little Women

Little Women follows 4 sisters as they find their own way in life in the years after the Civil War. A devastating illness brings the girls back together. 

Women’s History Month - Little Women

12. Miss Americana

A documentary about the life of Taylor Swift as she finds her own voice and embraces her new life as a singer/songwriter. 

13. Moana

When the harvests on her island become less and less plentiful, Moana sets out to lift an ancient curse that is threatening her island. She answers the Ocean’s call to make things right. 

14. Mona Lisa Smile

Set in the 1950s, a new art professor starts at a prestigious college. Ms. Watson challenges the girls to look past the expectations of the time and reach their own potential, but is challenged by the culture of the school. 

15. Mulan

When her father gets called to the army, Mulan disguises herself as a man and goes in his place to save him. Her ancestors send a disgraced dragon to change her mind, but nothing can dissuade her. 

24 Family Movie Night Ideas for Women’s History Month
 - Mulan

16. Queen of Katwe

A young girl from a struggling family in the slums of Kampala, Uganda, learns how to play chess from a missionary. The game changes her whole life as she becomes a chess champion. 

17. Real Women Have Curves

A Mexican-American teenager receives a full scholarship to Columbia University, but gets pressured by her family to help provide for the family. After working in a sewing factory with her mother and sister over the summer, she realizes that education will be key to finding her own place in the world despite her family’s objections. 

18. Saving Mr. Banks

Based on true events, Saving Mr. Banks recounts the story of P.L. Travers’ reluctance to allow Walt Disney to make a movie of ‘Mary Poppins’. Disney pulls out all the stops for her, but Travers is not easily convinced. 

19. Selena

Based on the story of Selena Quintanilla-Perez, a ‘Tejano’ style singer who rose to fame and ended up having an album topping the US charts. 

20. Suffragette

Set in 1912 in London, this is the story of early feminists that were fighting for the right for women to vote. Join a young working mother as she goes to extremes after peaceful protests fail to accomplish any change. 

21. The Iron Lady

Margaret Thatcher, the first female prime minister of Britain, looks back on her successes and failures after her husband’s death. 

22. The Woman King 

Based on true events, The Woman King tells the story of the Agojie, the all-female warriors from the 18th-century African Kingdom of Dahomey. The movie follows General Nanisca as she prepares her unit for battle to protect what they love. 

23. Turning Red

13-year-old Meilin suddenly starts turning into a huge red panda whenever she gets too excited – which is basically always during puberty. Should she seal this power away or embrace it?

24. Wonder Woman

After a pilot crashes on a remote island inhabited by the Amazons and shares how there is war happening in the outside world, Princess Diana of the Amazons sets out to stop the threat to the outside world. During this ultimate fight, she discovers her full powers. 

Women’s History Month Movie Night Picks!

Whether you love a documentary, a historical drama based on true events, or a fictional story, these movie suggestions for your Women’s History Month family movie night will be sure to inspire the whole family! It’s never too early to introduce some badass women to your kids. 


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